Mature churches: how are they measured?

By June 5, 2019

Bangladesh (MNN) — A part of FMI’s work includes supporting pastors and church planters while their congregations mature. FMI measures maturity through financial independence and the ability to multiply.

The Mature Church Quest

Yesterday, we mentioned Pastor Tomal from Bangladesh. FMI’s Bruce Allen says Tomal is strategically shepherding his congregation to maturity as an FMI-supported pastor.

Bangladesh (Photo courtesy of FMI)

“He’s working with all 20 of his church members to train all of them in evangelism. Then he takes them out a few at a time with him as he’s doing pioneer evangelism. He says, ‘This way, I get to observe them; I get to help them.’ He really leads by example,” Allen explains.

Through this discipleship, Pastor Tomal is teaching his congregation how to share the Gospel and make God’s Word locally known. They are learning how to not only persevere in their faith but multiply it in others.

Allen says Pastor Tomal has understood and put into action 2 Timothy 2:2 — to disciple the current generation and to raise up the future generation of faithful believers.

Financial Independence

Pastor Tomal also financially invests in his church members. He has purchased sheep for the congregation to sell their milk and lambs. With the profits, he’s teaching them about generous giving and what it looks like to faithfully support and strengthen the local Church. This helps his congregation support themselves while, as a Church, also gain independence from outside financial support.

Bangladesh (Photo courtesy of FMI)

“It is crucial in the life of these churches and I’m grateful that someone like Tomal is teaching the congregations, at the earliest stages of their own infancy, what generosity looks like and why it’s important so that the Church can mature,” Allen says.

“Jesus told his disciples, ‘Freely you’ve received, so freely give.’ If we are not growing in our ability to give, we’re not growing in our Christ’s likeness. So that’s a major lesson for congregations to learn whether you’re in Bangladesh, Australia, Peru, or the US.”

Pray for the work of Pastor Tomal and his congregation. Ask God to guide and bless this congregation. Also, pray for the other FMI-supported pastors and church planters in Bangladesh. Pray for their perseverance, encouragement, and creativity in ministry.

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