Mayhem, fear and fighting in Congo

By December 18, 2009

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) –Active fighting at and near the Tandala Evangelical
Free Church
hospital in the area means the staff are treating many injured from
both the rebels and the soldiers.

EFCA team members say most of the
people have fled to the forests, leaving only the doctors at the hospital.

President Bosokpale, president of
the Congo Free Church, wrote: "Truly I am filled with sadness and
emotion. My thoughts are to tell you that we need to pray that God will work with
the power of the Godhead, that peace would be restored in our land. Whatever
God's will might be for us, let it be done. Thanks, I am filled with tears in
my eyes."

Pastor Deolo reported that the
roads are virtually empty as people are fearful of encountering the fighting.
The soldiers are reported to stop people without reason and often kill them.

The EFCA has already sent $10,000 to Tandala Hospital to purchase medicine to help care for
those injured in the conflict. 

Tandala Hospital serves as the
main hospital for nearly 500,000 people in the Democratic Republic of
Congo. It also manages 30 outlying health centers that
supply medical assistance to the people of central Africa.

Pray for peace in the region and for the
team's testimony as they act as the hands and feet of Christ. You can also help them financially. Details can be found here.



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