MBBs lead new Heart4Iran initiative

By January 20, 2022

Iran (MNN) — Believers from a Muslim background, also known as Muslim-background believers or MBBs, lead a new initiative reaching Muslim families for Christ. In partnership with Superbook, Heart4Iran is launching a new virtual Sunday School program designed for families.

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Program Director Jennifer Shamoon says her passion for this work comes from experience. “Salvation [came] to our family through us (the children) going to Sunday school,” she says.

“I was seven years old, my sister was four years older than me; we were invited to Sunday school in Iran [at an] Assembly of God [church]. Back then, they gave us a small picture of each story, and we would bring it home and tell the story to my parents,” Shamoon says.

“It triggered a thirst (in my parents) to go and read Bible, and that brings salvation.”

Superbook is the Bible brought to life through animation — a timeless form of storytelling — to introduce children to Jesus and help develop their faith.
(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran, caption courtesy of CBN)

The host of the new virtual Sunday School program – also an Iranian believer from a Muslim background – came to a saving faith in Christ through Heart4Iran’s Mohabat TV. Additionally, “to translate and prepare this Superbook curriculum, we used very knowledgeable Christian pastors,” Shamoon says.

“One of the [people] that helped us in translation was my Sunday school teacher.”

Hope for Iran

Created in 1981 by The Christian Broadcasting Network, the Superbook series has now been broadcast in over 106 countries, translated into 43 languages, and viewed by over 500 million people.

During Superbook’s premiere in Japan, an estimated 4 million people watched each week on television, resulting in the Bible becoming the best-selling book in that country. Heart4Iran hopes to see a similar effect in Iran, and transformation through the Gospel of Christ.

“We’re hoping God [will] work through this to touch kids’ hearts,” Shamoon says.

“Islam has corrupted and changed the standard of human [life], and the only way that we can help people in Iran is by introducing them to Jesus.”

Help bring Christ to the children of Iran here. Pray the Lord helps all the necessary components come together so the new program can flourish. Pray many Iranians will turn to Christ for salvation and place their faith in Him.



The host of the new virtual Sunday School program, also an Iranian believer from a Muslim background, came to Christ through Heart4Iran’s Mohabat TV. (Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

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