Meals stomp out elementary malnutrition

By January 23, 2013

South Sudan (MNN) — South Sudan started withdrawing their troops from the disputed border shared with Sudan last week.

Peace talks have failed, and conflict is ongoing. South Sudan hopes to establish a demilitarized zone along the shared border.

With all the struggles in South Sudan with their northern neighbors, a surprising group gets caught in the middle: kids.

17% of children in South Sudan have lost at least one parent, according to UNICEF.

The general population's poverty headcount is at around 50%, and the rage of child malnutrition gets in the way of kids' education. 30% of elementary students don’t even make it to the 8th grade.

But Baptist Global Response (BGR) is doing something about it. BGR partners are providing nutritious meals for two elementary schools in South Sudan. That’s 500 kids to feed every day.

They also hope to advance the effort with vitamin supplements, de-worming twice a year, immunizations, and a clean water supply.

In all things, BGR and their partners seek to be the hands and feet of Christ to a hurting world, communicating the love of the Gospel with their aid efforts.

BGR asks in their post, “Pray for lasting peace in South Sudan so community development efforts can move forward.”

If you want to support a child’s education through BGR, click here.

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