Media ignoring atrocities against Christians

By August 12, 2009

Nigeria (MNN) — With 12 Christians, including three pastors, killed in rioting in Nigeria, a ministry focused on persecution against Christians is speaking out. Late last month, riots were instigated by an Islamic extremist sect in the state of Borno because they were opposed to Western education practices.

20 churches were burned to the ground before police captured and killed the leader.

This is just one more example of persecution against Christians all over the world.

President of Open Doors USA Carl Moeller is mystified why the media isn't talking about this story and others like it. "Why do stories of Christians being killed, Christians being imprisoned unjustly, Christians being tortured for their faith not cause outcry on behalf of these peaceful Christians who simply desire to live out their faith?"

Moeller says there is a double standard in the world. "If this were a case of Muslims being killed by Christians in various places around the world, we would not cease to hear the outcry and hand-wringing from Muslim communities around this country [and others]."

While Jesus told Christians that they would be persecuted for their faith, Moeller says, "The church will be persecuted. There's no question about it. But the Bble doesn't say for us to pursue it like the false martyrs of the Muslim world do. They seek martyrdom as a means to heaven. As Christians, we endure martyrdom; we endure persecution faithfully as a witness to those that would seek to put us to death."

In the midst of persecution, the Gospel goes forward, says Moeller: "It also means that the church must stand with those and encourage those and uplift those that are suffering. As Paul even said, 'Remember my chains'.

While many Christians may feel detached from the persecution in other parts of the world, Moeller says, "We must remember them. We must lift them up. We must do all we can to encourage them to stand strong. For it is in that encouragement that the Gospel goes forward."

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