Medical clinic brings hope to an isolated rural part of Uganda

By May 18, 2011

Uganda (MNN) — In 2004, the U.S. Embassy in Uganda awarded AMG Uganda funds to construct the Hope Medical
Center in southwestern Uganda. 

The team chose to build in Bugongi, one of the more rural
parts of the country. The head of the team was from the area
and knew its needs, and AMG wanted a touchpoint for the poor.

The AMG-supported clinic is staffed and has medical
supplies, unlike the government clinic five miles away. The 13-bed facility expanded last year to
include a maternity ward. It's small
but adequate for the needs of the community.

The greatest challenge, however, is getting godly medical staff in
the clinic. It's very hard to find doctors and nurses who are Christians. As a
result, while most of the staff are believers, that's not true of everyone
there. That's partly why the prospect of
launching a nursing program at the clinic is so attractive.

The curriculum proposed by Christian International School of
Healthcare Professions is tried and true academically. It's also centered around Christ. The program
would act as a seedbed to train the kind of professional medical staff so desperately
needed by AMG's medical programs throughout the country.  

We'll continue to follow the progress of the proposal the
team will submit to Uganda's Ministry of Health, Education and Board of
Nurses. Pray for open doors. A nursing program
could tie more of AMG's ministries together.  


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