Medical missionaries in Eswatini need Scripture

By February 25, 2022

Eswatini (MNN) — Doctors serving the Lord and local communities have a problem in Eswatini, the nation formerly known as Swaziland.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says a doctor who runs mobile medical clinics wrote this in her latest update:

“We have an emergency. In early 2021, the government of Eswatini asked us to play a major role in the COVID vaccination program. We’ve been working at high volume [and] recently, the team sent a message that we were completely out of WMP booklets. I cannot believe it! We’ve not run out in probably a decade.

“I know this is not good at all because of the lead time needed to prepare a container. I’m so sorry for the late notice. We’ve been so occupied this year taking care of critical care COVID patients, building an oxygen plant, and deeply serving during a very difficult season. Please do what you can.”

The believer and her husband are both doctors, and they’ve been partnering with WMP since 2006. “The work has grown so much, and they are almost throughout the whole country,” Williams says.

“Ever since the beginning of World Missionary Press, our goal has been to get the Word out to all nations, and we’ve trusted the Lord to provide day in and day out. And for the past 60 years, He’s provided everything we need to accomplish this mission.”
(Graphic, caption courtesy of World Missionary Press)

Many rural communities in Eswatini are completely cut off from healthcare. Pray the Lord gives WMP’s partner extra strength to keep the clinics going.

The doctors give WMP Scripture booklets to every patient they see. The last order contained nearly a million booklets, Williams says. Help WMP send resources to Eswatini here.

“They like the Bible studies because people sit and wait to be seen by the doctors. They have teams go out into the areas where these people are waiting, hand out the material, [and] go through it with them. So, a great part of this [next order] will be our study books,” Williams says.

Next month’s newsletter will feature work in Eswatini, she adds. Join WMP’s email list here to see how the Lord is working through His people.



Kids in Eswatini hold up Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press. (Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)