Medical missions continues in Iraq, despite insurgent attacks

By October 19, 2004

Iraq (MNN) — Russian President Vladimir Putin says that terrorists are aiming to derail President Bush’s chances at re-election through their attacks in Iraq. Putin says, ”International terrorism has as its goal to prevent the election of President Bush to a second term.” He says, ”If they achieve that goal, then that will give international terrorism a new impulse and extra power.”

That has many evangelical mission and aid agencies concerned. International Aid is one of them. IA’s President Myles Fish. “The radical element there in Iraq is trying to force the Christians out of the country prior to the election in January. If that happens, it could start to impact there. But, up to this point it has not impacted us.”

Fish tells us why they’ve been spared. “We put all of our ministry support and services into the indigenous Iraqi church. We have four clinics that are operating now in Iraq, and all four of those are on the premises of an Iraqi Christian church and they are being staffed by Iraqi Christian doctors and nurses.”

Over the weekend five churches were attacked by insurgents, killing 11 people. Churches are now establishing check-points to secure their facilities.

Fish says the attacks didn’t affect their work. “The churches that we have associated ourselves with have not been targets, at least not yet. And, the doctors that we are working with are still in country, but they understand that there is an increasing risk to them as the election comes closer.”

Since each clinic can handle up to 100 patients, funding is needed to help International Aid fund their outreach. The money is providing ‘feet’ to the Gospel as believers are able to be a testimony to those they treat.

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