Medical outreach in Iraq may be key to permanent missions outreach.

By November 12, 2003

Iraq (MNN) — Top U-S military officials vow to use any weapon at their disposal against insurgents killing American soldiers. While Americans are targets, Christians in the United States are vowing to help.

“Doc” with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, or ABWE, says they’re doing just that. “We’ve targeted medical aid as a way to establish a helping presence in Iraq. Long term we hope to establish a missionary presence there. Right now we see an open door and obviously there are many needs.”

The Iraqi medical system has been in a shambles for years. ‘Doc’ says, “A lot of people don’t understand that with the embargo after the Gulf war, there was an embargo on knowledge. Doctors there told me they are years behind western medicine and they want to catch up.” ‘Doc’ says he has a medical school who wants to help.

“Doc” just returned from his second trip to Iraq. He says while a few Iraqis want Americans out of the country, many others have another view. “The Americans have stayed. They’re doing a lot of the things they said they would do and I think there’s some trust that’s starting to be established. Yeah, it’s still not secure and it’s still not very safe, but the Iraqis have some hope.”

ABWE is raising money to help this medical outreach. They need current medical books, lab equipment, and other important medical supplies to help hospitals in the region.

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