Medical teams and supplies help work in Haiti

By January 26, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — While Haiti announced it is officially ending its search and rescue phase following the earthquake, and announcing its need for tent cities, supplies and personnel are now making it into the devastated areas of the country.

Last week, CURE International was able to send its first shipments of supplies over land from the Dominican Republic. The staff at CURE's hospital in the DR loaded a truck with more surgical supplies, another anesthesia machine, drinking water and sleeping bags. It arrived in the nick of time as supplies were getting extremely low. The staff managed to coordinate all this while still running a hospital that has been left short-staffed by the crisis.

After much packing, unpacking, sorting, and re-packing, a large 737 aircraft full of urgently-needed supplies, food and volunteers touched down in Port-au-Prince.

To CURE's amazement, their ground logistics team spent most of the night wheeling, dealing and renting vehicles. The result was a combination of buses and cargo trucks waiting to transport the team and supplies to the community hospital.

This team's arrival, along with another earlier, brought a HUGE boost in morale and needed supplies. They were literally out of food and water for their patients, staff and volunteers.

Their doctors have shared tragic stories that sadden them all. There are patients that cannot be helped due to the severity of their injuries; others can't understand why a limb must be amputated. But amidst the suffering, the CURE team has been able to treat hundreds of patients and save many lives.

With your help, CURE will not only be able to sustain these efforts for the days, weeks and months to come, but they will also be able to share the hope of Christ with those they help.

Your financial support is needed as medical needs continue to abound in Haiti. Click here to help.

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