From meditation to medium and then finally set free

By May 24, 2016

United States (MNN) – Yesterday we introduced you to Emily*, a Christian woman who got involved with witchcraft and the occult but is now being guided by the truth of the Gospel through Set Free Ministries. (If you missed part one of Emily’s story, click here).

We left off with Emily getting deeper into meditations and the study of eastern religions.

She felt more and more like a slave to her “study.”

Emily was experimenting with a lot of new practices, including shamanism. This is a practice where one attempts to communicate with the spirit world. A shaman contacted her and began training her in some of the gifts he saw. He introduced her to what many of us imagine when we think about the occult: pentagrams in the sand, blood rituals, hexes, etc.

It’s here that she switched over from what she calls the “light side” of darkness to the “dark side” of darkness.

“At this point, I had never even heard of the occult,” she says, “That wasn’t part of my vocabulary growing up in the Church.”

Shadows by Tomi Lattu via Flickr:

Shadows by Tomi Lattu via Flickr:

She was so gradually brought into the world of witchcraft that she didn’t even realize it was happening. In fact, she was fascinated and allured by what the shaman was doing. He proved to her the power of his spells.

The shaman told Emily that she had a role of bringing people into what they call ‘the fold,’ and taught her how to channel messages with the spirit world. She was a medium but didn’t realize she was actually speaking to demons. The messages they sent her seemed to be what she was looking for.

“Love and life for humanity, meditate on your inner self, you are loved and you are god,”

Emily says all the messages were the same, and they are the same messages found in new age philosophy.

“At the time I was so deceived and I thought that I was helping humanity wake up and usher in this new type of consciousness.”

Emily was told she was doing good work, and because she was isolated in a group of people that kept telling her this, she didn’t realize it was a lie.

“Even people who are born into Satanism are told that they’re doing the work of God. And a lot of these people are really trying to help. And it’s not until you get deeper and deeper and deeper that you start to realize that you’re working for the wrong side.”

In the epic poem “Paradise Lost,” John Milton describes sin as a woman beautiful from the waist up, but as a serpent with a stinger from the waist down. This description adequately describes the allurement of the world Emily now found herself in.

“At the beginning it was simply meditation,” she says. But from there, she walked a slow and gradual path into darker things, like psychedelic ceremonies that lasted all through the night.

During these ceremonies, Emily says they chanted in entities, asking for their help.

“In reality, we were chanting in demonic presences that would get attached to people.”

Over time, Emily watched the people around her become paranoid, more demonized, and even take on illnesses. And she was led even deeper, eventually making contact with secret societies and what were termed privileged meetings. Here she studied esoteric texts like the Kabbalah, and called upon Hindu gods. They even used Emily’s art to channel in beings and call upon their power.

As she went on, Emily experienced dark and frightening things— but she still didn’t know who she was serving. Even after a particularly terrifying encounter during a secret society meeting from which she fled, she continued to meet with groups of people to communicate with spirits.

During one meditation circle she held in her own home, a beautiful angel appeared. Emily noticed his legs were coiled by a snake.

Emily describes the moment when she woke up to what she had gotten into:

“I was told that the work I was doing, that I was doing it for Lucifer, who was the angel of light. And when I was told that I said, ‘no!’ Something deep inside of me still knew that I was a child of God. And I said ‘no, that’s not what I’m doing.’ And they said, ‘no, that’s what you’ve been doing this whole time.’ And I got scared and I said, ‘no, I don’t want that.’ And they said, ‘Well you don’t have a choice now.’”

Emily made the shaman leave after some arguing. They cursed her. She felt snakes and spiders all over her body, and it seemed like she was being eaten.

“I was so demonized at that point, I spent three days just lying in bed and hearing all these voices and talking to what I thought were ‘ascended masters,’ I now know they are demons,” She says.

This was her breaking point. But God didn’t leave her there.

Photo by Claudio Gennari via Flickr:

Photo by Claudio Gennari via Flickr:

After three days of being in this state, God’s truth broke through to her.

“Then I heard a small voice that said, ‘you need the blood of Jesus,’” Emily says. 

When Emily agreed, the voice told her that it was only the blood of Jesus that she needed.

She asked one of the other voices if this was true, and he told her Jesus’ blood was the only thing able to conquer in the demonic realm where she now found herself.

“When I asked him that question, he had to submit to the authority of Jesus.”

For the next day, Emily recalled Scripture she had learned when she was younger. She prayed and recited these verses and sang hymns.

After this, she connected with Set Free to get the support and guidance she so desperately needed for healing.

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*name changed for privacy


  • J says:

    Praise God that He broke through to Emily through the power of His blood! I pray in Jesus’ name that Emily finds refuge in Christ and that His Holy Spirit will guard her from the evil one.

  • Your Name says:

    Praise God that He broke through to Emily through the power of His blood! I pray in Jesus’ name that Emily finds refuge in Christ and that His Holy Spirit will guard her from the evil one.

  • Seemed innocent…a good wake up call…only the blood of Jesus.

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