Meet needs with Christ’s love

By December 11, 2009

(MNN) — In Haiti's warm climate, cockroaches thrive. Attracted to wooden
cribs, they crawl all over infants resting inside, such as those under the care
of Bethany Christian Services. Bethany's John VanValkenberg explains a solution
Bethany provides.

really is a need for metal cribs rather than wood so that cockroaches don't have a
place to stay and live near babies," he says.

provides metal cribs for infants in Haiti through their gift catalog. After a
successful run last year, Bethany is providing another chance to show Christ's
compassion to orphans and families worldwide.

explains that one advantage of the catalog is people can choose a worldwide need
that's meaningful to them.  

example," VanValkenberg states, "if a family adopted from Haiti, they
might be moved to provide a metal crib for an orphan that is still

shows the love and compassion of Christ to needy orphans and families worldwide.
Their Christmas Catalog highlights the most-pressing needs of each
international region. In Ethiopia, Bethany meets both immediate and long-term

are many needs throughout the country, and we have many programs that involve
training, providing resources, providing nutrition."

Click here
for an overview of Bethany's program in Ethiopia.

You can honor a loved one through their gift catalog in a unique way of
celebrating Christmas. By meeting a special international or local need, you
can help Bethany demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ. Click here to
view the catalog.

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