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By May 16, 2018

USA (MNN) – Recently, MNN met Rawan Haddad, Tent Schools International’s new Development Director, and got to know her story. And now, you have a chance to meet her too.

Tent Schools invites you to their ‘Meet Rawan’ event this Friday, May 18 from 7:00-9:00 PM at Grand Rapids’ Wealthy Theater.

(Photo courtesy of Tent Schools International)

“It will be my pleasure to meet you and to introduce myself to everyone, speaking about Tent Schools International, our dreams, and desires to help displaced children,” Haddad says.

“I will speak what’s in my heart for all the people that will be there and after that, we will meet each other personally and we’ll speak together, with some delicious food and it will make it like a friend time.”

The event will give you a chance to ask Haddad about her story and what her future plans are for helping children through Tent Schools. You will also receive delicious Middle Eastern food.

While the event is focused on getting to know Haddad, Tent Schools will also be showing their short film “One Day, You Will Be Something”. This shows footage from Bekaa Valley in Lebanon where many refugees are staying in tents and lean-tos.

Here, Tent Schools is supporting a school for displaced and refugee children who have fled war and conflict.

“The film that we will show, it will be from the families there and the students there,” Haddad says. “It will be from their schools and how this school, its effect in their lives and their education and they will speak to us about the experience that they have.”

Tent Schools is showing the love of Christ by helping to establish schools in refugee camps. They provide laptops, curriculums, and tents so children who have fled their homes can continue getting an education from wherever they are.

Tent Schools sees the importance of these children receiving an education– it gives them promise and hope for the future.

“We establish an effective school there in Lebanon or the place that we put the school there and we help them in educational way and technology way with the laptops that they can download the curriculum on their laptops, and they can start using the laptops there in their school. And we help them in education way to learn English, to learn Arabic, to learn math, and the teachers there, they help them to do that,” Haddad says.

“These precious children need our help to be able to read and write again and to learn English, to learn technology, and to be re-energized with their refugee setting. And we want to help them to be the future. They are the future of this world and with the educational way, with the technology way, they will be [successful] in their life.”

Join the Event

(Photo courtesy of Tent Schools International via Facebook)

You can come alongside children through prayer and financial support. At Tent Schools’ ‘Meet Rawan’ event, you will also have the opportunity to help reach and support these children to give them a hopeful, promising future.

Join Tent Schools this Friday at Wealthy Theater – address 1130 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506 – to get to know Haddad, eat Middle Eastern food, and learn more about the children Tent Schools is supporting. This event is free and open to the public.

To RSVP, click here.

For other ways to support Tent Schools, click here. 

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