Memorial funds for pilot and mechanic

By August 13, 2009

Kenya (MNN) — Two families and
AIM Air are grieving the deaths of missionary pilot Frank Toews and mechanic
Ryan Williams. 

Toews died on impact in a plane
crash in Nairobi on August 1.  Williams
succumbed to his injuries several days later. Each leaves behind a wife and four children. 

"The families are finding God's
grace to sustain them, and finding comfort and peace," said Ted Barnett of
Africa Inland Mission. "But at the same
time, it's a time of terrible loss and tragedy for them, and so we appreciate
each person remembering them in their prayers."

A memorial fund has been set up
for each family. The project number for
Frank Toews is 099096, and the number for Ryan Williams is 099097. 

"Both of these funds are set up,
first of all, to defray the huge expenses that surround events like this. And then if there's anything left over, the
widows of each of these men will appoint the remainder of these funds for an
AIM project that they are interested in," Barnett said. 

AIM Air pilots and planes remain
grounded at this time. AIM staff are
busy gathering around the families and supporting each other through the
loss. A memorial service was held for
Toews on Tuesday. Plans are in process
to hold a service for Williams. 

"It's a real blow to all of those
who work in AIM Air," Barnett said. "And
it brings a lot of opportunity for grieving and for casting ourselves on the
Lord for His grace and mercy to sustain us in this difficult time."

The cause of the accident is under
investigation. In the next several days,
AIM hopes to have a report from a team of professional investigators.

Pray for the future of the ministry. "AIM is established to make Christ-centered
churches among all African peoples," Barnett said. "So we have a very clear purpose from Scripture, and we will not be deterred. In fact, I'm
sure that Frank and Ryan would want us to redouble our efforts to get the
Gospel out, to make sure that their lives were not spent in vain."    

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