MENA Leadership Center bridges critical gaps

By September 24, 2021

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — Christian leadership training is hard to find in the Middle East/North Africa region. But a new organization is changing the status quo.

President/CEO Jennifer Murff says the MENA Leadership Center trains believers already working in ministry. These leaders “already have an impact on the ground, but they’re looking to expand their capacity,” she explains.

“God is at work in the Middle East/North Africa. We want to give leaders the tools that are essential to their expansion, the acceleration and the impact of their mission.”

If you’ve ever seen a late-night infomercial, you know the power of a “before and after” testimony. Usually, the “before” story describes struggle or dismay, while “after” highlights positive results from a product or service.

The MENA Leadership Center operates on similar principles, except it turns “good” into “better” and, eventually, “best.”

From “good” to “better”

(Graphic courtesy of MENA Leadership Center)

One Gospel worker took courses in fundraising and discipleship. “He’s a medical doctor, [so he’s] highly, highly educated, and he just wants more,” Murff says.

“The center filled that gap. He’s taking all these tools that we’ve given him, and he’s applying [them].”

By expanding his capacity, this believer can help more people in the MENA region know Christ.

“He runs a media ministry [with] a television show that focuses on discipleship and evangelism for Muslim background believers,” Murff says. Last year, this leader and 140 others gained critical skills through the MENA Leadership Center.

Help MENA Leadership Center equip 220 Gospel workers in the 2021-2022 academic year.

“In 2013, an organization we are affiliated with began to do research among the leading 120 ministries in the Middle East, and they began to ask them, ‘What do you need? What exactly would help you reach more people for Christ?’,” Murff says, describing how the MENA Leadership Center originated.

“It was discovered that 11 gap areas existed, and in light of that discovery, the MENA Leadership Center was created.”



Header image is a representative stock photo courtesy of Vaida Tamošauskaitė/Unsplash.