MENA Leadership Center pairs theological education with practical application

By October 26, 2022

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — Today begins a new learning module for Gospel workers in the Middle East/North Africa region. “Understanding the Religions of the MENA” pairs theological education with practical application.

Believers from a non-Christian background don’t always know how to reach across religious lines and share their new faith. This course helps to remedy that problem for Christian leaders.

“Hopefully, they (participants) will [gain] from this course a proper discipleship program for Christians coming from a non-Christian background in the Middle East and North Africa,” MENA Leadership Center’s Fadi Sharaiha says.

“The Holy Spirit is bringing people from different backgrounds to Christ. This course will train Christian workers, Gospel workers, how to disciple those people.”

(Graphic courtesy of MENA Leadership Center)

Leading the course is instructor Dr. Yassir Eric, who used to be a non-Christian extremist. When he met the God of the Bible, everything changed. Today, he disciples global networks of believers from non-Christian backgrounds.

“Pray for him while he prepares for this course. Pray for the recruitment efforts; please pray for the right people to come to the course,” Sharaiha requests.

You can help Gospel workers get the training they need through sponsorship.

“It’s very important for people in North America to support the MENA Leadership Center,” Sharaiha says.

“By supporting us, you’re supporting the work of the Holy Spirit in the MENA – accelerating the Gospel and building the capacity of Christian leaders working in the Middle East and North Africa.”



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