Mentorship the focus of post-college outreach

By October 14, 2008

USA (MNN) — Fall means
homecoming celebrations on college campuses, bringing a migration of alumni
back to their alma maters.

Doug Nickelson is alumni director of InterVarsity
Christian Fellowship
. He says they've found ministry in the transition
that comes post-graduation. "Our
purpose on campus is about lifelong discipleship, not just fellowship and
living a Christian life on the campus. So when we're forward-looking at developing 'world changers,' we're
also looking at our alumni to see what's happening in their life — are they
exemplifying that lifelong discipleship?" 

For example, recently about twenty-five InterVarsity alumni who graduated
during the late sixties and early seventies from colleges and universities in
North Carolina gathered in Durham for a reunion.

Roger Anderson, InterVarsity's national field director, attended. He said
that he was inspired by the stories of appreciation for campus ministry
that he'd heard from these alumni.

"What greatly impressed me," said Roger, "was the thankfulness these alumni
expressed about how InterVarsity had helped to transform their lives and how
our ministry had taught them to integrate their discipleship to Jesus into
every part of their lives."

Nickelson says they're teaching the witnessing communities what it means to
be a true "kingdom builder." "Our mission field is still the campus, and
the former students who are our alumni, then, of course are showing that these
world-changers are making a difference. In InterVarsity, our alumni are the
links connecting their past and our present to the future."

There'a major benefit to campus ministry in continuing alumni
connections. The more alumni remain in
touch with the ministry through prayer letters and direct contact, the more
they are involved in praying for and supporting the ongoing campus ministry.

According to InterVarsity, in the
last five years the alumni connection was strengthened as a Strategic
Initiative. The ministry database has
grown by a third, and more people are identifying with the ministry and
supporting it — that translates to a different kind of longevity.

As colleges graduate young adults to
take their place in the community, InterVarsity is ensuring there are ranks of
believers, discipled and equipped with the tools they need to transition into
the work of Kingdom building, as well.

If you want more details about the
alumni work of InterVarsity, click here.


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