Mercenary violence could mar elections in Haiti

By November 23, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Sunday's election could well be the most
important for Haiti in decades. However, quake devastation and
the cholera epidemic have Haitians angry and disillusioned.

A wave of violence hit Cap Haitien last week, paralyzing the
city within hours. For Haiti With Love,
also in Cap Haitien, is on a hill — an easy target for vandals and angry mobs. 

For Haiti's Eva DeHart says despite the chaos,
their headquarters were left untouched. She attributes it to the years spent in service in the name of Christ. "We've been there for 40 years, and they know
that we're there to serve them and love them, and that we don't make money off
of them."

However, DeHart's daughter, Roseline and her husband, Presume,
found themselves running close to the action on the way home. "They made it out to Labadie on a motorcycle,
[driving] through the burning tires. They've actually been sleeping under their beds
because there's been so much gunfire at night."

For Haiti With Love is still operating, although they've kept a
wary eye on the turmoil bubbling beneath the surface of the recently restored

United Nations'
personnel have been setting up polling stations and helping with the
distribution of the ballots.

While there are growing calls from four presidential
candidates for the country to hold off the
polls until the health disaster is past, Haiti's government has not moved to
postpone the vote.

There's a question of whether or not they'll be credible, or
if the U.N. will be able to maintain order. "One of the candidates is endorsed
by Preval, and the masses don't want him in. Word on the street, pretty much, is that people are paying to stir these
people up."

Poverty plays a huge role in the riots. Jobs are scarce and so is food. DeHart says, "It's down to a level where
they'll even do the riots for money, even if they don't care one way or the
other about the election, if someone gives them some money and says, ‘Go out and
have a major objection to this candidate,' they'll do it for the money."

Pray for peace and calm through the November 28 vote
and in the days afterward. There are often
many doors open for the Gospel during crisis. DeHart asks, "Pray that we continue to have God's umbrella
of protection over us so that we can take care of the people who are getting

There are several ways you can help them prepare not only
for elections but also for the ministry's Christmas outreach and various programs. For Haiti with Love needs prayer, supplies, and funding.
Click here to help.

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