Mexico faces growing inequality

By November 2, 2015
Courtesy Photo from Compassion International.

(Photo courtesy Compassion International)

Mexico (MNN) — In Mexico, the richest 10% make about thirty times more than the poorest of the poor. Presently, an estimate 53 million Mexicans live on less than 5USD each day.

With over half the population in poverty, 8 out of 10 kids are part of that number.

This means these kids don’t receive proper care, nutrition, schooling, or even health care. A lot of the time these kids are forced into child labor. This steals away from them the years, which should be filled with making mud pies, not picking sugar cane or coffee beans. But 3.4 million children do.

Compassion International is there, making a difference. Through partnerships with churches in urban, rural, and indigenous communities, Compassion is working to fill the needs of about 40,000 children by providing nutritious meals, health needs, and education. These kids also have the chance to play, sing, and enjoy their childhood in a safe environment.

Best of all, Compassion is letting these kids know that they are valued by Christ.

Want to be a part of what’s happening in Mexico? Consider sponsoring a child! For a little less than a cup of coffee a day, you can change a child’s life.

To learn more about child sponsorship, click here.


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