Mexico (MNN) — The battle for the hearts of Hispanic young people is underway.

By September 2, 2003

Mexico (MNN) — Meanwhile, churches all across North America are struggling in the battle for the hearts of their young people. That’s according to YUGO Ministries, who works to turn the tide through their ministry in Mexico. YUGO’s Wayne Freeland explains that change takes place through more than just work projects. “While coming on work projects meets needs certainly in Mexico and it can be rewarding for the youth group, what I’m really saying is that we’re challenging their faith and their cultural values by training them first as an evangelistic team, and then having them actually perform frontline evangelism in Mexico where their faith is stretched for themselves while they’re actually seeing people won to Christ by their ministry in Mexico.” Freeland invites churches to explore creating evangelistic teams from their youth groups. Go to our short term-missions database for more information. That’s

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