Michigan youth group to impact thousands

By October 23, 2012

USA (MNN) — Most churches love it when young people make an incredible difference in people's lives. "Tilt" is a youth group from Sonrise Church in Howell, Michigan that wants to do just that, and they want to do it through Christian Resources International.

Executive Director of CRI Jason Woolford describes what happened. "Their youth pastor called and said, 'Hey I want to meet with you. I have something exciting to tell you that God put on my heart.' I said, 'Alright, what do you have?' And he said, 'Well, 20,000 by December 20, 2012.'"

Woolford says the teens have set an incredible goal. "They want to raise and get 20,000 Bibles to send overseas to people who can't afford them and they want to do those 20,000 by December 20 of this year."

When are they getting started? Woolford says, "They're involved now. They've already created a Facebook page and are telling other churches in the area about what they're doing. People are already coming alongside of them."

CRI collects used Bibles and books and sends them to Christians around the world who request them. Woolford says, "We take Bibles and Christian teaching tools that are donated from all over the United States, and we send those around the world to help people: training pastors, creating lending libraries, and giving materials to Bible colleges."

The ministry has seen great success. "After 58 years of ministry, we've sent over $255 million in free Bibles and Christian teaching tools to over 169 nations around the world," says Woolford.

While this youth group is collecting the Bibles and books, support is needed to deliver them. "$20 would ensure that 20 of those Bibles get put on the sea container to reach their final destination to be a blessing to someone who can't afford them."

You can be a Book Missionary, says Woolford, which is "someone having the opportunity to hit the mission field without ever leaving their home by sending the Word of God."

There may be something else you can do. "We'd like to see other youth groups take up this charge because the end result is people getting God's Word."

If you'd like to join CRI by being a Book Missionary or by hosting a book drive, click here.

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