Microcredit becomes part of a package aimed at helping the indigenous church become self-sufficient.

By January 8, 2004

Niger (MNN)–A new project in Niger couples independence with evangelism.

Farms International’s Steve Salowitz says they’re partnering with a Bible School that trains evangelists. “When they come to the Bible School they may have some type of support from their local church or from the denomination but generally they cannot pay their full fees and they have a difficult time supporting their families.”

So in order to help… “Our goal there is to provide them with income generating opportunities through a loan program of micro-credits”, explains Salowitz, “so that they can establish self-sustainability while they’re in school and then as they go out to their assigned village that they’ll move too to minister that they’ll be able to take that with them as a means of livelihood.”

Salowitz says the hope is non-believers seeing God providing for the evangelists and desiring the same.

FARMS International is a Christian ministry that serves the church around the world by equipping families in poverty with the means for self-support.

Working through the local church, FARMS provides loans, technical support for income generating projects and spiritual training for families.

Loans are repaid to a revolving fund and recipients agree to tithe to their local church. The result? Families find a biblical path out of poverty and their churches are strengthened.

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