Microloan gives education and new life

By February 17, 2014
Emma's two grandsons can go to school (Photo by Bright Hope International)

Emma’s two grandsons can go to school.
(Photo by Bright Hope International)

Zambia (BHI/MNN) — Grandmother Emma Kombe is a dedicated and joyful woman. In her community, she is involved with her church and volunteers in the SCCP Home-Based Care Program that assists the sick and elderly.

Kombe has dramatically changed her life and grandsons’ futures through the gift of a microloan from Bright Hope International ministry partner, Samfya Community of Care Providers.

Samfya Community of Care Providers (SCCP) is a community-based organization started by 24 churches of different denominations in the Samfya District of Luapula Province. The churches demonstrate Christ’s love and draw community members closer to God by meeting basic needs. SCCP provides care for the sick, microloans, counseling, and support to vulnerable children.

Currently, 152 church volunteers provide care to 3,300 beneficiaries of the program, including Kombe and her grandsons. Kombe became a microloan beneficiary in 2012 and received her first two loans–one to sell small fish and one to grow maize.

Kombe paid off the small fish loan but no longer sells them because the profits were not sustainable. Her second loan to grow maize succeeded, and she grew enough to fill eight bags.

Though it was a difficult harvest due to rains late in the season, she was able to trade four bags for seeds, clothing, and other products. The other four bags produced enough maize to feed and nourish her and her grandsons.

Kombe is joyfully planning for her family’s future and is dedicated to supporting them for a lifetime. She hopes to continue selling maize and to begin growing and selling chickens.

Chicken production is a highly-profitable business as long as the chickens stay healthy. Kombe plans to have her two grandsons assist her with the farming and caring for the chickens to teach them business and agriculture skills while they attend school.She used 50 kwacha ($10 USD) from her second loan toward her grandsons’ education.

Moses is 21 years old and in grade 11. Francis, 19, is going into eighth grade. Both are learning the proper methods to assist their grandmother with her business and make their family self-sustainable.

Moses and Francis dream of becoming teachers after they complete their education. This family has motivation and even more importantly, hope for a future.

If you would like to support the work going on in Samfya, click here. Pray that this community would grow to know the truth of Christ Jesus and be a light to the world.

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