Middle East-based ministry engages Islam in Hong Kong

By August 1, 2019

Hong Kong (MNN) – Hong Kong is a city buzzing with the movement, lives, and beliefs of 7 million people. However, Horizons International notes out of this 7 million, 11 percent of the population identify as Christian. Another 4 percent identify as Muslim. But despite the restrictions Christians face in the region, Horizons International Asia (HI Asia) is boldly proclaiming the Gospel and equipping local believers for ministry.

Local and Global Work

Since the ministry is based in Lebanon, stories from Horizons International often have a Middle Eastern flavor. However, the ministry works outside of Lebanon, too. One of the core values Horizons International holds is the belief missions should be local and global, from everywhere to everywhere.

Hong Kong

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For this reason, Horizons International operates under the mindset that every person and every community, regardless of socioeconomic status or geographical location, is called to fulfill the Great Commission. Horizons International equips, mobilizes, and trains believers to do just this, whether it is in the Middle East or Hong Kong.

“I think a problem that we’ve as a missions community, that we’ve fallen into in the past, is that many people have kind of an idea, maybe a post-colonialist idea, that God has called Americans to go out throughout the world, and train the indigenous people to reach their own people,” says Pierre Houssney, MENA regional director for Horizons International.

But this is not the example set in the Bible. “The indigenous people are not called by God only to reach their own people. They’re also called to carry out the Great Commission,” Houssney explains.

Hong Kong and the Arab Diaspora

On a similar note, globalization is happening. The Arab diaspora has dispersed Muslims across the globe. Houssney says Hong Kong is a political asylum for people facing political persecution.

“Muslims have found a lot of economic opportunities there. Then also, a less told story is that converts from Islam to Christianity have found [a] safe haven there. We’ve actually been in touch with Saudi believers or other believers from a Muslim background, who have sought a safe haven in Hong Kong,” Houssney says.

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Horizons International is trying to mobilize believers to reach the Muslim world for Christ in Hong Kong. This summer, HI Asia will host an author and expert in the Hadith, Dr. Bernie Power. HI Asia is planning three meetings where Muslims and Christians can attend.

But with this awareness comes responsibility. Houssney urges believers to find ways to support the Chinese Church and the Church in Hong Kong. One way to do this is through prayer, but please, do not stop there.

For now, pray for these meetings. Ask God to use these meetings to teach local Christians about the challenges of reaching Muslims in Hong Kong. Pray these meetings will equip, mobilize, and encourage Christians in Hong Kong in their faith.

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