Middle East unrest, Muslim openness globally

By February 17, 2011

USA (MNN) — With unrest spreading across the Middle East and North Africa, country leaders are doing all they can to preserve their power. In Iran, government leaders are clamping down on the protests. In Jordan, reforms are being proposed. In Algeria, huge public spending programs are being implemented to placate the populous. The political unrest coupled with an uncertain faith is a recipe for changed hearts.

Founder and President of the Crescent Project, Fouad Masri, says because of uncertainty and fear, Muslims are looking for truth. "With the Internet and with globalization, and with people traveling and with the news, they're finding that Islam is not a system that's working. Islam is not a religion that answers the hope for the future and eternity. So they've been seeking."

During this search, Masri says, they notice differences. "They start noticing that their governments are oppressing them. They're governments aren't allowing them to read Bibles. The internet is blocked. People cannot blog or put down their ideas without being hurt. This is creating a hunger."

Masri says as Christians we need to support the freedom they're seeking. The way the Crescent Project is doing that is by giving them a copy of the New Testament so they can know Jesus. "The Gospel of Jesus Christ impacts us spiritually, changes our values and changes our heart, releases us from the captivity of sin, and gives us a way to live in a community."

Because of this intense search, Masri says it's amazing what is happening. "Every week we are seeing people take Bibles, people committing their lives to Christ. We've never see this kind of an openness among Muslims."

He adds, "We are seeing a move of the Holy Spirit because they're starting to read the Word of God, a Christian is taking action and showing love to a Muslim, they are seeing dreams of Jesus, and now Muslims are saying, 'Hey, there's something there that we have never seen before.'"

This isn't just limited to the Middle East; it's happening all over the world. "The Lord is using this to plow the hearts of people, especially the Muslims, to see the need for the seed of the Gospel. We are the sowers of the seed, which is His word."

You can help Crescent Project sow those seeds. Text CP to 20222 to give $10 for their outreach to Muslims. You can also visit their Web site and order their DVD curriculum called "Bridges." Click here to help.

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