Military airstrike kills 80 at Myanmar concert

By November 2, 2022

Myanmar (MNN) — The military in Myanmar attacked a civilian concert, killing 80. Three fighter jets bombed the late October festival. It’s the deadliest attack since military leaders seized control of the country in February 2021.

Brian Dennett with AMG International says, “This concert by a very famous local singer there was organized to kind of celebrate an opposition group. And unfortunately, fighter jets were dispatched, bombed the area, and killed the singer actually mid-song.”

The military also prevented severely wounded people from leaving the area to get medical treatment.

Officials from Myanmar’s ousted civilian government say the military has carried out more than 240 airstrikes against civilians since the coup.


Dennett recently spoke with an AMG leader in the region and even saw photographs taken after the concert attack. Civilians across Myanmar live in fear of the military bombing them as well. “The military is showing a complete disregard for the lives of all Burmese citizens. And they’re thinking only of securing control. It’s just very sad.”

AMG continues to provide shelter for people fleeing across the border. They need food and basic supplies. You can help here.

Dennett says the love of Jesus is at the heart of this ministry. “Many are coming to Christ as a result of the work. Pray these dear souls will have the only true hope that we have, and that’s in Jesus.”



The header photo shows some school children in Myanmar that AMG is working with. They have been gathered into a hand-dug trench to avoid being hit by bombs. (Photo courtesy of AMG International)