Military BibleSticks encourage Ukraine

By May 26, 2016

Ukraine (MNN) – It’s when all comfort is gone that we feel our greatest need for the Gospel. That’s why Military BibleSticks of Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) are so important.

Matt Cassady of FCBH says of military life, “Everything else can be stripped away, it’s very basic, you’re living hand to mouth […], you’re trying to get safety and security and sometimes both of those are fleeting objectives. But, it’s during those times that we are most receptive to God working in our lives.”

Photo courtesy of FCBH.

Photo courtesy of FCBH.

Military BibleSticks bless Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military has been in conflict with separatists since 2014. FCBH says more than 9,000 people have died in the fighting so far.

The Associated Press says earlier this week, seven soldiers were killed and nine more people injured.

Ukraine hasn’t gone under the radar when it comes to getting the audio Bible to them in the form of Military BibleSticks.

“Over 1,100 so far have gone out. The difference that it makes with the soldiers that are fighting for their freedom, for their independence, for their sovereignty, they are incredibly encouraged and strengthened through that Military BibleStick,” Cassady says.

This BibleStick contains audio recordings of the New Testament and select Psalms, and they are created with field-safe features.

Cassady says it reminds the soldiers that “they are worth having the spoken Word of God in their language, that they are worth it to us in America—that we would finance and send those Military BibleSticks to them, that they have value, and they have worth and that we want to encourage them; not because they’re Ukrainian or what they’re doing, but because they are children of God and we want to help spread the Gospel to them to encourage them.”

Men and women in the military can find themselves in especially tumultuous situations where their emotions and mind may fail them.

“You can always rely on the unchanging powerful word of God in your life,” Cassady says.

A heart that cares for Ukraine

Photo courtesy of FCBH.

Photo courtesy of FCBH.

It’s not necessarily a knee-jerk reaction of Christians in the United States to think of sending audio Bibles to other militaries. Still, along with FCBH, there are many people who recognize the need immediately during violence.

“The passion stems from the Great Commission that we’re called to go out to the utter ends of the earth,” Cassady says.

In our abundance of access to the Bible in America, we can sometimes forget that access isn’t readily available in other countries. But when we recognize that scarcity, Cassady says the next step is to consider how our own story has been changed by Scripture.

“Think about what that’s done in your own life and think, would someone else throughout the world benefit from that same thing?”

And finally, Cassady suggests when you see distressing news from around the world, don’t let it freeze your compassion. “Whenever my heart begins to break for the atrocities committed around the globe, I’m reminded that those people need Jesus.”

Your heart that cares

In light of this, Casssady says, “The first thing we would ask is just if you’re listening to this, that you would pray — pray for the Great Commission, pray for us, pray for your place in the Great Commission.”

You can find out more about Military BibleSticks here.

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