Military BibleSticks get makeover

By July 17, 2013
Photo courtesy of FCBH.

Photo courtesy of FCBH.

USA (MNN) — The Military BibleSticks with Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) are getting a little Old Testament seasoning in the previously New Testament-dominated recordings.

FCBH recently added 35 chapters from Psalms to Military BibleSticks.

These BibleSticks are digital audio players loaded with dramatized reading of Scripture. The first shipment of updated Military BibleSticks went to U.S. troops two weeks ago.

Why Psalms? Bill Lohr with FCBH says, “David was a warrior and a lot of these Psalms are Psalms that David wrote and so there’s a connection there. It really is something that folks in our military can relate to.”

Included in the Psalms selection is Psalm 91. “That’s actually referred to as the ‘warriors Psalm’ by a lot of folks in the military. That’s something near and dear to them,” says Lohr.

The Lord opened a door to make the addition of Psalms in the Military BibleSticks possible. “The reason that we were able to do this is that one gig of memory basically became the same price as two gigs. So we were able to buy that size memory on the stick and that allows us obviously a little more room,” says Lohr. “It would be great if we get to point where the cost is low enough that we could get a memory stick that actually would be able to put the entire Bible on there.”

Military BibleSticks are also shipped with a postage-paid postcard so soldiers can reply with feedback or to request BibleSticks for their families.

Photo courtesy of FCBH.

Photo courtesy of FCBH.

Lohr says the feedback is encouraging. “A number of those are saying, ‘You know it really has gotten me to want to read God’s Word more.’ So if this helps encourage them to get into God’s Word in that way, we’re really grateful that we could provide that for them.”

In the past five years, around 300,000 Military BibleSticks have been requested by over 1,200 chaplains. FCBH hopes with these new portions of Scripture, U.S. troops can continue to be encouraged by the outpouring of God’s Word.

“We just ask them to lift up our military folks [in prayer] every day and that’s what so many people in this country do. They’re lifting them up for safety and for protection that they’ll come home and be with their families,” Lohr says.

The Military BibleSticks are free for troops, but it costs $25 for FCBH to provide BibleSticks to one soldier and his family. You can support this project by clicking here.

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