Military personnel find hope and help for PTSD

By October 7, 2013

USA (MNN) — You would think that returning to his or her home country, a war veteran
would feel at peace. But the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that
haunt our beloved soldiers show otherwise.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that PTSD
affects almost 31% of Vietnam veterans, as many as 10% of Gulf War (Desert
Storm) veterans, 11% of Afghanistan veterans, and 20% of Iraqi war veterans.

PTSD is a very real, and at times, a dangerous disorder.
Some effects include becoming emotionally numb, flashbacks to war when a sound
triggers a memory, strong aggression, and trouble falling asleep or staying

Knowing the major stresses of war that are put on our
military, Faith Comes By Hearing has provided more than 350,000 Military BibleSticks to
brave men and women. These BibleSticks contain a dramatized recording of the
New Testament and select Psalms. This ministry helps them cope with the
stresses of the military life, including multiple deployments and the post-war
effects when they return home. 

Two years ago, Faith Comes by Hearing also produced a half-hour video, “Bible
on the Battlefield,” to illustrate the need for the device containing God's Word. Today, FCBH is
releasing an updated version of the video that is hosted by Ryan Dobson and
features former Navy SEAL, Chad Williams, and Vietnam veteran, Raul Ries. With
these two military men being featured on the updated version, their stories
show first-hand that the BibleSticks do
make a difference in the lives of our military personnel who struggle with
trying to cope with the everyday horrors of war.

Williams says, "I support making this spiritual resource
available to our troops. I understand the tremendous pressure they face and
what a difference this can make in helping them deal with it." Ries agrees: "Whether in combat, training, or deployment, our servicemen and women have
to deal with extraordinary stress, and the Word of God is much needed for

With the comfort of God’s Word all throughout
the BibleSticks that are being sent out to our military, there is hope that
they can overcome their darkest fears and find hope. Pray that the
funding to meet the ongoing demand for BibleSticks is met as Christian radio
and TV campaigns get the message of Christ out.

You can also help by supporting FCBH to help military personnel come to
know Christ. For more information on the BibleSticks or the updated "Bible on
the Battlefield" video, click here to visit the Faith Comes By Hearing page.

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