Millennial, Gen Z believers fuel Deaf outreach

By June 25, 2019

USA (MNN) — Louie Giglio – founding pastor of Passion City Church and the annual Passion conference – recently told The Christian Post that today’s young people are “one of the most cause-driven generations I’ve encountered….

“They’re giving what little they have to causes that mean something to them, and that makes them some of today’s greatest evangelists.”

Millennial and Generation Z believers gave Deaf Bible Society a glimpse of their goodwill earlier this year. Today, Deaf Bible Society is putting those gifts to good use.

“Last year…over 262 Deaf leaders [were] trained,” states Deaf Bible Society’s Chantel Pagan.

Thanks to the support of Passion participants, “We will have over 544 Deaf leaders trained and engaged with Scripture this year… [and] every language that they sponsored will have 1,000 devices distributed.”

Next Gen in action

Six months ago, college kids raised $448,370.41 at Passion 2019 for sign language Bible translation work. Passion participants at four sold-out locations – Atlanta, Duluth, Dallas, and Washington D.C. – collected enough to help Deaf people in 16 nations.

PassionConferences_ira DBS passion 2019

Ira represented the Deaf at Passion 2019.
(Photo courtesy Passion Conferences via Facebook)

“Passion was such an incredible event for our organization,” Pagan says.

“The goal…was nearly doubled [by] the generosity of young individuals just excited and passionate [about getting] God’s Word to every Deaf person.”

This partnership meets needs on multiple fronts. Deaf Bible Society connects with new audiences through young believers’ advocacy via social media and other online communication. Millennial and Gen Z believers help get God’s Word to one of the world’s largest unreached people groups by supporting Deaf Bible Society.

“We’re really, really looking forward to…that [partnership] being a springboard to get more people excited about what God is doing to see Deaf people reached with His Word.”

Most importantly, Deaf people see Scripture in their heart sign language as a result – often for the very first time. The world’s 70 million Deaf people use over 400 unique sign languages, yet no sign language has a complete Bible.

Praise God for raising up purpose-driven givers among Millennial and Gen Z believers. If you want to see God’s Word in every sign language, support Deaf Bible Society here. Use the share buttons below to make others aware of Deaf needs.


Header image courtesy of Deaf Bible Society.

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