Millions more now have Word available to them in their heart languages

By September 22, 2011

International (MNN) — Faith Comes By Hearing recently announced the release of nine new language recordings of the Bible, pushing the number of total audio recorded languages to 582.

Combined, these nine languages represent more than 17 million people who now have an audio Bible available in their heart language. These millions may now be able to hear the Good News in their heart language, even if they can't read.

The new recordings represent multiple continents. The following is a list of the languages and their respective countries:

• Bislama – Vanuatu
• Cebecar – Costa Rica
• Chinanteco de San Juan Lealao – Mexico
• Dii – Cameroon
• Kazakh – Kazakhstan
• Pokoko – Cameroon
• Uyghur – China
• Vai – Liberia
• Yanomami – Brazil

These recordings are possible because of dedicated translation work by Wycliffe Bible Translators, The Bible League, and the Bible societies of Cameroon, Liberia and the South Pacific.

Faith Comes By Hearing offers hundreds of Bible recordings on its app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. For those areas that do not yet have regular access to the internet or mobile devices, the ministry continues to reach out by providing Audio New Testaments on solar-powered Proclaimers.

You can help get these new recordings out. Once recorded, the average cost to provide God's Word for an entire village is $157. Learn more about giving to support the spread of the Word via audio here.

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