Millions stranded by monsoon floods in India, Bangladesh

By September 21, 2007

Bangladesh (MNN) — The death toll from flooding
this year in Bangladesh tops 1,000.  

Floods that swept across low-lying Bangladesh for nearly a
month are receding, but thousands of people are still living in makeshift homes.

Two and a half million
others have also been displaced or marooned by rising river waters. 

The additional loss of over two million acres
of crop land means that those affected by the monsoon rains will reach upwards
of 20 million people.

I.N. Network's Rody Rodeheaver says a crisis this
big can't go unnoticed. "We are taking
our medical team from our clinic, and they are working with the people in the
villages around our clinic. Our staff have been providing food supplies."

According to the staff at I.N. Network
in Bangladesh, the northern part of Banasri (location of I.N. Network's head office)
is under water, although water has not yet entered the head office.

Flood survivors are seeking fresh
water at the I.N. Network premise, and staff is trying to supply water for them.
Most of the people seeking water are daily laborers who have lost their homes and
have moved to the open road looking for food and shelter.  

Relief efforts have been hampered
by inadequate supplies and washed-out roads. In 42 of the 64 districts of the country,
river embankments were damaged, which bodes ill for a fall crop.

Since Bangladesh is primarily a Muslim country,
Rodeheaver says actions speak loudly. "Our ability to go out and provide help in the name of Jesus really
allows us to demonstrate the Gospel, demonstrate Christ's love, and build
the kinds of relationships to very quietly but effectively share the Gospel."

Please pray for the I.N. Network Bangladesh staff as
they extend the hands of Jesus during this heart-breaking crisis. Click here if
you can help.

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