Ministries partner to grow the Kingdom

By July 8, 2008

(MNN) – Wycliffe International became World Evangelical Alliance's newest Global Partner, joining them in their efforts to spread the Gospel.

"I am excited that Wycliffe International is now a WEA Global Partner," said Kirk Franklin, the Director/CEO of Wycliffe. "Our ministry and all whom we represent respect the impact WEA is having around the world."

Franklin continues: "Our particular focus is a good fit with WEA's desire to 'extend the Kingdom of God by proclamation of the Gospel to all nations and by Christ-centered transformation within society.' I believe this is a unique opportunity for Wycliffe International to now be a more active partner with WEA and all whom it represents."

A considerable challenge facing Christian organizations today is the translation of God's Word into different languages. More than 2000 languages still lack Scripture, and Wycliffe International is committed to spreading the Word through Vision 2025 – a Bible translation program in progress for every language group by the year 2025. This partnership will help meet that goal.

"As a global network, Wycliffe is one of the best-known and respected Christian ministries in the world," said Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, International Director of the WEA. "WEA clearly supports the aims of Wycliffe to be a catalyst for God's solutions for the communities of the world who don't have His word in their own language."

WEA's vision is to extend God's Kingdom by making disciples of all nations and changing society through Christ-centered principles. There are 49 self-directed organizations included in Wycliffe International, and all of these raise resources such as people, prayer and finances, to be used for Bible translation and literacy work.

"I truly hope this new partnership will advance the cause of Christ around the world," said Tunnicliffe.

Please pray that this vision is achieved and that the translation of Scripture into every language will bring many lives to Christ. Pray also that world communities will be changed through this partnership.

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