Ministries support each other in the work of the Great Commission.

By October 6, 2005

USA (MNN)–There are so many times when we are asked by listeners ‘Do your partners work with other groups too?’

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ The thought came to me again while I was getting ready to do another interview with Global Missions Fellowship partner, Evangecube.

I mentioned then that I had given my father, San Yuen several Evangecubes for use in his work. My retired dad is a chaplain with a ministry called ‘Transport For Christ.’

It has been his dream to be in the ministry, and with his training, and his love for all things transportation (trucks, cars, trains, planes), it was a perfect fit.

TFC converts trailers into mobile chapels and sets up shop at truckstops for ministry to truck drivers. Many drivers stop by the chapels for fellowship, some for counseling, and others for spiritual direction.

The chaplains have many tools at their disposal, and it turns out, the Evangecubes have been helpful for the chapel in Northwest Ohio. Dad says, “[We] had a driver bring another driver in. He’d been sharing the Gospel with him all day–other driver just didn’t ‘get it.’ Brought him in and asked James (another chaplain) to share the Gospel, and the guy still didn’t ‘get it.'”

The turning point came when the on-duty chaplain, “…pulled out the Evangecube, and went through the Evangecube, and guy said ‘Oh! Now I get it!” and prayed to receive Christ.”

Evangecube’s Nathan Sheets says the puzzle-like pictoral Gospel clarifies the message. It addresses a global need, as well. “There’s this whole move in missions today about having orality and having storying concepts to be able to help the illiterates of the world understand the messages of the Bible.”

Evangecube’s ultimate goal is to equip and mobilize the local church for outreach in the community. And, ‘community’ like this is what it’s all about.

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