Ministries “team up” to do more for the Lord in Honduras

By January 4, 2024

Honduras (MNN) — The “American dream” drives many in the United States to rise above the station they were born into. A similar phenomenon is underway in Honduras, where Victorious Life helps people find spiritual and economic freedom in Christ.

“It (Victorious Life) was founded by an American businessman,” Scott Clifton with FARMS International says.

“They have people going through entrepreneurial courses and things like that; it’s focused on a number of activities.”

Built on similar principles, FARMS and Victorious Life are considering a partnership to do more for the Lord in Honduras.

“They have begun to fill out an application, and we’re looking forward to seeing how that develops over 2024,” Clifton says.

FARMS International combines Christian stewardship with interest-free loans to help people work out of poverty while supporting the local church. More about that here.

(Photo courtesy of FARMS International)

This approach could work well with a Victorious Life initiative. “They developed something called Dream Tanks, similar to a Shark Tank-style of pitching a business plan with the hope of receiving funding for it,” Clifton says.

“Now they’re transitioning how that works, where people transition from having a business plan to starting their business, and that’s where FARMS International [comes] into play. [Victorious Life leaders see] the value of zero-interest loans instead of grants.”

Help from believers like you make the work possible. Consider partnering with FARMS International to empower believers and equip them for outreach by releasing families from poverty.

“When someone gives, that money [funds] everything that FARMS does, [including] the money that’s sent to different programs for the revolving loans,” Clifton says.

“At the beginning of programs, sometimes some administrative grants are necessary to get it (the work) off the ground.”



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