Ministry brings hope and love to school children in Moldova

By September 4, 2007

(MNN) — Over the weekend, Little Samaritan Mission distributed thousands of "Face of a Child" gifts prior to the first day of school. 

Participants will not only receive their Face of a Child
gifts but also a celebration meal, along with Christian literature. The children are often in need of warm winter
outerwear (coats/jackets) hats, gloves, and scarves). Often the orphanages don't have adequate
heating. Many times the children will wear that coat not just when they're
going outside but when they're in the classroom attending lessons. 

That makes their warm clothing needs more constant. LSM aimed the project with a winter clothes
theme in 2003, but the children who benefited at that time from the project
have outgrown their coats and passed them down to younger children.

This year, school groups, churches, Sunday school classes,
and many others helped make the Face of a Child project possible for
approximately 6,000 children in the Republic
of Moldova and

The impact of this project is tremendous. Each child gets a
gift with his/her picture attached to it. That means they know someone
shopped specifically for him/her, assembled the package and sent it with

Those on the giving end also keep one copy of the child's
picture for themselves to pray for the child and remember the child. The
love that accompanies the gift can open the door for the hope of the Gospel. 

Pictures for the Face of a Child 2008 Project will be
available in NOVEMBER 2007 and DECEMBER 2007. If you want to get
involved, you can request pictures as early as October if you have a gender or
age preference. The deadline for the 2008 project will be the end of
JUNE 2008. Click here if you want to help.


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