Ministry cares for children of dump workers

By October 8, 2008

Guatemala (MNN) — Dumps are typically places where people discard things. It wouldn't be a place where you'd send someone to earn a
living. But that's exactly what's
happening at a dump in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Tiffany Taylor is with Orphan Outreach, an organization providing physical and spiritual hope for kids around the world. "There are people here in Guatemala that
actually work in the dump. They are living off of going through the trash — picking up
plastic and those kinds of things." Many of them single mothers, hoping to
collect enough recyclables to earn enough money to provide for their kids.

Unfortunately, these mothers were also taking their children
to work with them, creating other problems.

Now, a school/daycare center has been established next to
the dump to help, and Orphan Outreach is supporting it. For about 50-cents a
week, a child is brought to school each day. They get cleaned up, put on a
uniform, get a well-balanced meal, a quality education, and they hear the

Taylor says all of this is done in partnership with a
financially-overburdened local church. "They are straining. They need
finances. We have been able to support these schools, get tuition for these
children and help [the schools] with construction, painting."

The goal is not just to make the schools beautiful but to change
hopeless hearts. "Though they may not have a father who loves them or a clean bed and a warm home, but they have a heavenly Father who loves them
and is there for them. By meeting their physical needs and at the same time by
letting them know that they are loved, it just gives us that open door."

This week, a team of 26 listeners from Mission Network News
and 91.3 WCSG in Grand Rapids, Michigan are in Guatemala to help Orphan Outreach love these kids. Taylor
says, "Our team here is being able to share the Gospel with them right
now. There is a team making lamb puppets going on in one room; we've got the
carnival games in another; we've got a Bible story going on, and we're just able
to share the love of Christ."

Without this school, these kids wouldn't receive an
education, proper food, hygiene, and most importantly–the Gospel. 

A member of the team, Nancy Huizinga, was moved to tears.
"I'm just grateful to God that this opportunity is here for these kids.
That they can be fed and clothed and receive the love of Jesus here."

Ask God what He'd have you do to help this ministry, then
click here for more details.

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