Ministry catalyzes the right to know, Scripture, current events

By April 10, 2012

International (SAT-7/MNN) — As the Middle
East and North Africa have been faced with continuous upheaval, SAT-7 found
that the plans they had been making readied them to respond to the crisis.

a Christian satellite television ministry to MENA, can provide
churches in the region a crucial TV voice during current events.

Your Right to Know is a new program that lets viewers delve into
an understanding of real life issues from a biblical perspective. The program
design lets viewers follow along and learn even if they have no previous
knowledge of each topic.

was inspired by the program School of
Christ and produced by Vision Communications International and will initially
appear exclusively on SAT-7 ARABIC.    

The ministry team knew that the crises
provoke questions. Many times, in search of hope, these seekers and learners
want to know more about God's plan of salvation, God's will, and man's
freedom. Your Right to Know helps
answers those questions, plus tie the Biblical roots and current conflicts together as well as help viewers understand whether or
not prayer can change God's will.  

Reverend Sameh Maurice of Kasr El
Doubara Church in Cairo hosts the show as co-presenters ask tough questions
related to the episode topic.

and SAT-7 Programming Manager George Makeen is also a presenter for 15 of the
show's 26 episodes. Mr. Makeen and Rev. Maurice developed a list of discussion
topics based on questions seekers most often ask. The topics of "Heaven and
Hell" and "Marriage" have stirred up the liveliest on-air discussions. Pray for God's guidance as the hosts respond to
frequently-asked questions about Scripture and faith with Biblical answers.

ARABIC also provides dramas, lively quiz shows, and talk shows
featuring relevant social and spiritual topics encourage repeat viewership.
Other formats include music videos, cartoons, news, comedies, worship services,
Sunday school classes and Bible studies. 

Ask for God's guidance for the hosts as
they give Biblical answers to frequently-asked questions about Scripture and

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