Ministry celebrates first year of service in Malawi

By March 3, 2010

Malawi (MNN) — World Hope International began serving in the country of Malawi in March of 2009, and this first year of service has proven to be fruitful.

The work of World Hope is spread out in nine different communities in the Ntcheu District as they seek first to impact individuals, then households, and finally the whole community, according to their annual report.

Throughout these communities, they built and opened nine Community Orphan Trusts; trained hundreds of individuals in leadership, agricultural or marketing/financial skills; helped over 50 people become caregivers to assist with basic home care and nutrition; and established 11 Community-Based Child Care Centers. These centers support 825 children under the age of 5.

Additionally, World Hope trained 53 individuals in Community Health Education and assisted 230 ill or elderly patients. Because of the drought and lack of food that so often plagues the region, they also distributed over 3300 pounds of Vitameal Flour for the child care centers.

In an effort to counteract the severe droughts of recent years and lack of fresh water, World Hope has also installed and repaired wells throughout these communities.

So far, World Hope has drilled 25 new wells and rehabilitated 20 wells, providing clean drinking water for some 32,000 people.

While all of these projects are greatly improving the lives of individuals, World Hope also wants these people to be able to sustain themselves. Thus, they began eight income-generating livelihood projects to help individuals head in that direction.

Ultimately, through all of these projects, World Hope workers are showing the love of Christ by being His hands and feet, and they hope to see a holistic transformation.

Their goal is to see that "individuals and communities are transformed into dignity and wholeness when the redemptive power of Jesus works in and through the local faith community to bring spiritual, social, economic and physical change," as stated in their annual report.

Consider helping World Hope continue their outreach in Malawi. Click here to get started or to learn more about other ministries World Hope offers.

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