Ministry celebrates fourth birthday

By August 1, 2012

USA (MNN) — Orphan’s Heart can officially place four candles on the birthday cake today, celebrating four years of ministry.

Orphan’s Heart was established on August 1, 2008 by Florida Baptist Children’s Homes as the international childcare ministry.

With four years of ministry now under their belt, Orphan’s Heart works in six different countries: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti, Uganda, Tanzania, and Dominican Republic.

Howie Hooper with Orphan’s Heart says, “In each country we have a different type of ministry. For instance, in Guatemala we have the malnutrition center. In Nicaragua, we have ministry with street children.”

Hooper goes on to say, “In Haiti, Uganda, and Tanzania, we are working with orphans and helping build orphanages. In Dominican Republic, we’re working with children who work in the dump. We’re trying to rescue them from the dump so they don’t have to work all day long.”

Just in 2012, Orphan’s Heart will have sent over 800 volunteers to work with children in each of those six countries.

According to Hooper, “We want to help introduce people to missions And those for who have been on missions before: we want to to fuel that fire as we continue to serve the Lord throughout the world.”

Looking into the future, Orphan’s Heart is planning on expansion.

“There’s an orphanage for deaf children in Colombia that we are investigating. And in Cuba we want to try to work with the children there as it is allowed by government regulations, so we’re praying about that. And we just started working in Honduras. We’ll be building homes for families in Honduras in the northern part of the country starting in 2013,” Hooper shares.

Please pray for the growth of Orphan’s Heart as they seek to be the hands and feet of Christ to children all over the world.

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