Ministry in Ukraine issues Urgent call to prayer

By January 24, 2014
Faith community takes action as Ukraine gets more violent

Ukraine (MNN) — Hundreds of thousands of protestors continue protesting the Ukrainian government. Now, the situation appears out of control as Ukraine gets more violent. While many of the peaceful protestors continue their vigil, they’re now being joined by thugs trying to take advantage of a lawless situation.

President of Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba grew up in Ukraine, and his family still lives there; this week has been difficult for him. “First blood was shed a couple of days ago. The violence is escalating, and unfortunately, the government–the president–is not taking any decisive steps to bring any reconciling, non-violent solution to the situation.”

Cars are being turned over and burned. Ukrainians are attacking Ukrainians.

Faith community takes action as Ukraine gets more violent

Faith community takes action as Ukraine gets more violent. (Photo Russian Ministries)

Rakhuba, through his tears, says the faith community is asking those involved to stop the violence and to unite. Believers “are gathering together, praying for peace. So, I appeal to the global Christian community to lift Ukraine, to lift my homeland, to God. ”

The protests began in November when President Viktor Yanukovych failed to approve a trade deal with the European Union, instead aligning Ukraine with Russia. When police attacked protestors, Ukrainians took to the streets by the thousands.

Then, just last week, in an attempt to end the anti-government protests, the majority party pushed through anti-government protest legislation that categorizes protesting against the government as “slander,” punishable with a 15-year prison term. The legislation also calls organizations who receive funding from outside Ukraine “foreign agents,” penalizing them with a tax.

Rakhuba says they have decided to temporarily close the Russian Ministries international headquarters in Kiev. “There is some potential for provocation because of this. We’re mobilizing the evangelical church for the peace-making ministry and reconciliation ministry this time. We thought we might be the target for possible provocation.”

Former President Mikhail Gorbachev is asking Presidents Putin and Obama to demand peace. Former heavyweight boxing champ Vitali Klitschko agreed to a truce with riot police, giving the government time to answer their calls for snap elections and the end to new anti-protesting legislation rammed through last week.

Many Christians around the world have a difficult time knowing how to pray specifically for Ukraine and other parts of Eurasia. Rakhuba says Russian Ministries wants to help by offering an annual Eurasia prayer guide to help in this time of urgent call to prayer. “In that annual prayer guide, there is discussion and description of how to pray for each country where we are involved with our ministry, and specifically for Ukraine, too.”

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