Ministry combats AIDS through education.

By July 25, 2007

International (MNN) — The HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to
decimate whole generations.  According to
the World Health Organization, 11,000 people contract the deadly virus every

Worldwide Christian
field director
for Africa, Dale Dieleman, says they're responding with a
Scripture-based curriculum geared specifically for elementary-aged children.
"Christian schools can't turn their backs on this. We must be at the forefront, even to provide
a curriculum that really makes sense from a 'whole child' perspective, from a
'whole human' perspective: body, soul and spirit." 

The focus is to help children make God-honoring choices in
life to fulfill their God-given dreams and potential. A section of the
curriculum specifically teaches students about contracting HIV/AIDS
and how to compassionately care for AIDS victims.    

Called "Hope for Today's Generation," it will directly
impact more than five million children and their families. It has been
well-received–so well that Dieleman says they're expanding their coverage. "Our goal is to translate it into French
when the second edition is finished in early '08. Then we'll be available in Francophone, Africa as well. So this is how we
really want to address this."

The goals for the curriculum are: to create awareness of
good stewardship of life as God intends it to be; to develop life skills and
Christian values that create meaning in students' lives which will rebuild the
nation; to create awareness in students of the presence of HIV/AIDS in
their communities and how its spread touches the social fabric of their society–plus how to avoid it; and to instill in students a sense of planning
and striving to meet their goals, now and in the future, for the
prosperity and development of the country.

In order to continue the AIDS prevention curriculum,
Worldwide and its partners need funding for translation, printing, and
distribution. Click here if you can help.

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