Ministry encourages growth in small church in Nepal

By November 7, 2007

Nepal (MNN) — A small church in Nepal is
benefiting from a small Christian Resources International shipment.  

Reuben and Rita Rai just received their package which included materials for their
children's classes as well as for adults those were just beginning to go to church.
Pastor Reuben expressed
his thanks over the resources that would disciple these people.

It's the
most opportune time for their work. In
his "thank you note," Pastor Reuben said, "We [sic] were in need of You know that Nepal was hostile and restricted
nation for many years but God shook the foundation of Nepal, and it has now
become a secular state. God really has open a big door in Nepal so that we go
and bring many souls to the Kingdom of God."

CRI takes used materials and sends them to church
leaders around the world who request them. The materials Pastor Reuben received will help his church make the best
use of the newly-open door for evangelistic work in Nepal. 

He closed his thoughts with the
following encouragement, "We [sic] will
pray for you and for Christian Resources International that your ministry will
touch someone somewhere as you spread the Word and help. Your investment
won't go in vain; surely God shall reward you for this."

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