Ministry expanding to Mexico despite insecurity

By February 16, 2012

USA (MNN) — Every day, people are being killed in Mexico because of gang- or drug-related activity. The violence has even touched the missions community.

A week ago, a missionary couple was killed at their home after serving there for nearly 30 years. This violence is forcing many ministries out of Mexico. But one organization hopes to start ministry there.

Executive Director of Christian Resources International Jason Woolford says he's heading to Mexico at the end of the month. "I'm going to meet with some folks there to set up the first-ever Christians Resources International Distribution Center."

CRI collects Bibles, books, and other Christian literature to send to requesting Christians overseas. Woolford says he's been praying about where CRI should go next. "Where is the enemy, the Devil, the most active? Where is he doing the most damage? One of the areas is Mexico, and if he's there causing problems, we want to be able to send the Word [there]."

Woolford says, "God says His Word will not return void, so we want to go there and prepare a place where people can come and get the Word."

While much of the material that's donated to CRI is in English, Spanish resources are also needed. "Between now and next year, we are working to establishing Christian Resources International on the West Coast in hopes of getting more Spanish material."

CRI hopes to have their Mexico facility open within the next six months, and funding is needed to make it happen, says Woolford. "The initial start up for the distribution center is going to be about $50,000 to get everything there. The good news: we have land,[and] we have partial use of a facility."

Woolford asks for prayer for CRI during this time of planning and assessment. "The enemy, the Devil, is very real. And he's not going to be very happy that we're coming into his camp where he's being able to create havoc and steal people's lives. So pray for protection for Christian Resources International."

While we're not disclosing the location, Woolford says, "It's strategically located for those in Mexico to be able to come. But at the same time, it's also strategically located for people we don't want to come to it,"  referring to gangs and drug cartels.

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  • Ive been en México and they really, really needs the Lord. And it is very hard to find a Christian radio station. God bless You. Good Job. Que Dios bendiga a México.

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