Ministry expands work in Haiti

By July 13, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti’s quake sent a rush of refugees to ill-equipped outlying areas. This influx of people has stretched services, housing, food and resources to the limit. Many households find themselves with lots of mouths to feed with limited resources. Much uncertainty prevails. Family losses combined with destroyed homes and businesses point to a bleak future for many refugees.

Micro-enterprise programs began cropping up, some with interest rates as high as 365%. That is why FARMS International expanded two micro-enterprise loan programs in cooperation with the local church.

The FamilyLife Outreach loan program committee is located in the second-largest city in Haiti, Cap Haitien. This program works with the Evangelical Church of North Haiti, which consists of over 50 churches. The whole north coast of Haiti, where these churches are located, experienced a wave of quake survivors.

Their second program is located in Bohoc, on the Central Plateau of Haiti–an extremely poor remote region. The Christians there were thrilled that FARMS was expanding the program. They really appreciate the godly principles that are practiced by the outreach. It allows them to reach out into their communities with the hope of Christ.

The ministry teaches a biblical approach to releasing families from poverty through stewardship and revolving entrepreneurial loans. Through this assistance, many families are getting back on their feet.

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