Ministry explore life ‘for better or for worse’ in the Middle East

By May 21, 2012

Middle East (MNN) — Marriage can be the most rewarding or the most difficult relationship in a person's life. In the Middle East it's no different, and lots of couples are searching for help.

The many challenges of married life have actually inspired a SAT-7 television show. SAT-7, a Christian television network to the Middle East and North Africa, created Full Stop, a live talk show that debates the pros and cons of various controversial marital issues.

The show is part of The TEACH Project, the aim of which is to provide theological education to growing believers. Through the TEACH Project, viewers can acquire biblical knowledge and leadership skills that better equip them for church leadership.

Produced at SAT-7 studios in Lebanon, Full Stop aims to help viewers solve their marital problems and improve their relationships. The primary show host, Reverend Charlie Costa, is a pastor as well as a Family Court Judge. The show addresses the topic of the day through drama, real-life testimonies, viewer call-ins, and discussions with guests in the studio.

Among the topics covered are: early marriage, the importance of getting to know your partner before marriage, age difference between spouses, marriage across nationality or religion, stinginess, in-laws, and addiction.

For each topic, a negative story and a positive story is presented. For example, in episode six, Selma talked about how her sister-in-law managed to get between her and her husband and tore their relationship apart. Meanwhile, another woman, Mona, lived happily with her mother-in-law for the duration of 18 years.

At the end of each episode, a show host asks Reverend Costa five hard questions related to the subject of the day. He then presents biblical concepts that address these concerns and points viewers to Christ.

Many lives are being introduced to the power of Christ as a result of Full Stop. Live talk shows are popular in the Middle East and North Africa, and generally result in more and new viewers watching SAT-7. Adding biblical commentary to relevant topics helps viewers learn and apply Christian principles in a practical way that can bless their lives immediately.

Viewers have been calling in from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and elsewhere across the Middle East. Pray that all viewers would have their eyes opened to the healing that comes through Christ, not only for their marriage, but for their eternities.

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