Ministry gives voice to those who have none.

By May 4, 2007

International (MNN) — Geographic barriers hide millions away from the hope of the Gospel. Few knew their need, because there was no one to plead their case to those who had the resources to help. 

That's changing now, thanks to a grassroots networking effort from Mission Aviation Fellowship. MAF's Connie Shepson works with the Advocate Wing to mobilize awareness volunteers. "They can go into churches, Sunday school classes, in their workplace, in their sphere of influence, and they can present what's happening in the world of missions and how MAF is coming alongside, helping."

It's a matter of presenting the ministry of MAF to the community, setting up displays at air shows and local events. From there, advocates can help others discover the lost, hurting people MAF serves with aviation, communications, and learning technologies.

But Shepson says that being an MAF Advocate is about more than encouraging Great Commission action. It's about igniting passion for it. "We want to not just inform our churches about missions and what's happening in the world of missions. But we want to excite them and to challenge them to be involved–to challenge them to pray, to perhaps give, or maybe we'll inspire people to actually go themselves."

Resources, tools and training are available from MAF AdvocateWing. Click here for details.

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