Ministry goes solar in Haiti

By April 9, 2015
(Photo Courtesy of For Haiti with Love)

(Photo Courtesy of For Haiti with Love)

Haiti (MNN) — In order to keep a ministry going, every once in a while you need to take care of the obvious.

Eva DeHart with For Haiti with Love says, “Every now and then, you have to stop and take care of the structure in order to be able to provide the services.”

For Haiti with Love just had the roof of their headquarters replaced. It had been leaking, and their teams have been spending weeks patching and repairing the ceiling. They are also in the process of going completely solar.

“Haiti’s power is iffy,” says DeHart, which can have dire consequences in For Haiti’s 24-hour emergency medical clinic. “You have brown outs and black outs. More often than not, there are parts of the city that don’t have power at all. Their system is old. A lot of people steal power, which means they are over-charging those who are doing it right.”

Because power is such a precious commodity, going completely solar is important for a place like Haiti. Solar power eliminates the problems traditional electrical power can create. Solar has a constant flow of power, it is less likely that power will be stolen, and it is completely energy efficient.

“We can be the example for other ministries to go solar. The more they do that, the less pollution in the towns from all the generators and the less reliant [they’ll be] on diesel. And we can show the example of using God’s resources to help serve the people through this solar, [and] perhaps others will follow, and it will be a good example for the whole country.”

For Haiti with Love’s burn clinic is seeing immediate advantages to these changes: they can stop spending money on roof repairs, and that money can be used for fans, lights, and burn care supplies.

“We need fans and power in the clinic. You’ve got to have lights when you’re dealing with a situation treating burns. So we will have a reliable source of lights and fans now in the clinic, and an extra $500 a month that can go to burn cream and needed supplies.” DeHart says.

“Over all, this movement toward solar will not only help Cap Haitian in the very near future, but ultimately show the whole country that they can begin to utilize the resources God provides to us naturally.”

Pray for the ministry of For Haiti as they help the needy in Haiti and share the love of Christ.

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