Ministry growth an answer to Haiti’s desperation

By December 10, 2007

Haiti (MNN) – The United Nations says there's been an end-of the-year surge in the abductions of children in Haiti. Remembering the spike last year, UN peacekeepers say police have been posted outside schools to protect children. Many of the reported incidents were financially motivated in the impoverished Caribbean country.

Even though Haiti is witnessing a new spate of child kidnappings, the security issue hasn't directly had impact on Hopegivers International. 

Robby Brumberg of Hopegivers' International says, in fact, their focus is on growth, especially for their orphanage. "We recently purchased a new building there for the orphanage, so we wanted to go and make sure that the land purchase went well and that construction was going well there. They're putting a third story roof on the building. They've got 31 children in the same building. Even though they haven't been able to move in yet, it's just so exciting to see that they're going to have some rooms of their own and a nice little space there." 

Hopegivers is helping with a school and a church in Ouanaminthe (wanna-MENT).  The  school has 821 students, and the church has nearly 200 members. While that was a huge commitment, the needs were overwhelming.

HGI began supporting the children's home last year. The purpose the Hope Home is to provide a healthy, loving, family environment for orphaned, abandoned or at-risk children in order to give them a chance at a bright future.   

Of their Haiti partner, Brumberg says, "Pastor Willio is very passionate about saving children, but also he wants to see each one come to know our Lord in a personal relationship with Him. That's his main focus, that's his main drive, and that's what he does everyday."

His vision for the Hope Home transforms the children's home into a dynamic family environment that equips children to become responsible, productive, caring adults.

Because Pastor Willio Joseph exudes the love of Christ for the children and leads by example in his lifestyle, "They're singing praise and learning about God every single day. Every night, they have a little Bible study, and they pray with each other, and they pray for one another. It's a beautiful thing, kids learning about the Lord."

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