Ministry growth comes to India through Audio Scriptures.

By May 9, 2007

(MNN) — Audio Scripture Ministries' partner, World Cassette Outreach in India reports
that their studio technicians are ready to record Scriptures in four new
languages.  These long overdue recordings
include the Kok Borok, Karbi, Kukna and the Koya.

Kok Borok is the native language of the Tripuri people in
the Indian state of Tripura and in Bangladesh. Translated, Kok Borok
means 'the language of the Borok people'. 
In 1979, Tripura state officially recognized Kokborok as an official
language of the state, and is being now considered for recognition as a
National language of India.

Karbi can be found in Assam,
a north eastern state of India.   It's a dialect spoken among a large ethnic
group that lives in the hill areas.  As
of 2001, the region reported a population of 812,320.

Kukna is a member of the Kokkani language group.  According to linguistics experts, it's among
13 languages that make up the Southern
Indo-Aryan languages.  It's a common
tongue, spoken by many people in Asia.  

And, the Koyas are one of
the few multi-lingual and multi-racial tribal communities living in India. They are
also one of the major peasant tribes of Andhra Pradesh. The Koyas speak the
language called "Koyi", a blend of Telugu in Andhra Pradesh.  They're concentrated in Bhadrachalam of
Andhra Pradesh in eastern India.

Given the magnitude of the people groups represented by
these four languages, providing an audio Scripture recording to them plays a
large role in their evangelistic efforts. 
But with the recordings and production, there is another step: delivery.

At present, WCOI is still in need of a new vehicle for the
distribution of these recordings.  The
team is trying to raise funds for a reliable and safe mode of transportation.

 Please pray for
needed funds as the team is working and living in facilities that were severely
flooded in the last typhoon. 


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